Here's my setup:

ATV1 3.x

10/100 Ethernet (CAT5 wired)

aTV Flash - current version as of 12/28/11 (purchased only 2 weeks ago)

Filezilla and/or WinSCP


When I connect and transfer files from my PC to my ATV, the speed starts at 5+mb, then continually drops during the transfer.

After a few minutes, it's down to a few hundred BYTEs.

Intermittent disconnects (as many as 20 in under 5 minutes).

It doesn't matter I use WinSCP or FileZilla, the transfers are terribly slow...

My network works fine with every other device.

I'm getting very frustrated at this.

A 500+MB files simply will not finish.

Are you receiving any type of error, or just the transfer slowdowns?

How much free space is available on your AppleTV? (check in Settings > General > About menu)