FTP transfer is only one way

When transferring files from your workstation to Infuse over FTP, it is not infeasible to want to transfer one/several back. For example, if you accidentally delete a local copy.

However, it looks like FTP transfer with Infuse is one-way so you cannot download a file back and have to connect your iPad to your workstation and use iTunes. This is often inconvenient.

I would not class this as a wish, since there should be no discrimination on the direction of transfer of data.

We’ll take a look at this, but in the meantime 2-way transfer is available when connecting via a web browser.

Thanks James. If you are going to look at FTP, can you please enable background transfers while video is playing? The background refresh feature should allow you to do that.

Just found out that the FTP is one way as well. Wish it wasn’t.

The reason I tried FTP is because browser doesn’t show the subtitles. I can download the videos but not the subtitles. I’m loathe to use iTunes since I’m using a PC and the iTunes app is not any good on PC.

So two way transfer on FTP would be really great.