FTP to Media Directory

Hi all,

I recently have had my MacBookPro drive call it quits on me. I went and got a brand new 500GB drive, and we are now playing nicely… sadly, I have lost all my photos and music… but ALAS I have aTV Flash on my ATV so I should be able to FTP to my ATV and grab all my photos and MP3s, and my mother won’t kill me when I tell her I lost the picture of the flower girl getting hit in the head from the champagne cork, at my little sisters wedding. However, I am stuck. I can FTP just fine to my ATV, but I can’t for the life of me, find the Media directory. I feel like such an idiot. I have looked up, “no /mnt”, and several other variations… Do I have to pull this drive out and stick it in a USB container, or is the newest aTV Flash just not allowing media drive access… Would it help if I showed a screen dump of my drive? HELP, my mom will kill me!

You will need to connect via SFTP to recover your synced media. We have a guide for this here:

HI, your link to restore stored media doesn’t seem to be working for me.  It just brings me to your front page. I too lost all of my music in Itunes.  However the albums are still on my ATV.  Any help in recovering would be greatly appreciated!!!  :slight_smile:    

UPDATE - I found the article through your search function.  Unfortunately, I can’t find /mnt/Media anywhere in the directory for my ATV.  Could you possibly give us the chain of folders to direct us to the proper directory?