FTP to Apple tv 1st edition, do not see all folders


When I make an FTP connection to my Apple TV, I only see these folders:

Application, atvflash, documents, library, Movies, Pictures and updates.

In the FTP guide on this page, there is a screenshot that shows more folders, like Music and desktop.

Why can't I see those folders?

I have run the smart installer and rebooted the Apple TV, I used Cyperduck and mucommander for FTP connection. But gives the same result.

Hobe somebody kan help me.

Best regard


Those extra folders are created by XBMC, and are not used for normal AppleTV operations.


I just bought ATVFlash and was also wondering about this.

It would be helpful if this was mentioned in the installation guide as it would have saved me loads of time. (Apologies if it is though - I just couldn't see it anywhere)