FTP: support symbolic links


my ftp server has symbolic links to a directory, that link shows up as a file in InfusePro and hence can not be accessed nor added as a favourite. That symbolic link works in many other ftp clients and I browse successfully the dir contents via the symlink.

Is there a workaround for this ? I know I can create a share with the address including the symbolic link name but I can’t find a way to favourite that dir. thx


I’ve been experimenting with symbolic links over SFTP to a Mac, and they seem to work just fine for regular files (like creating a symlink to an ISO DVD rip). However, symlinks to directories (such as a Bluray rip) don’t seem to work properly. The linked item doesn’t show up in Infuse at all. When I remove the link and move the target directory into the folder I’ve shared in Infuse, it works fine, but that doesn’t let me keep all my raw rips together in a single directory and selectively share (and sometimes rename) the ones I want to share via Infuse.

It would be great if symlinks were allowed to directories…

I moved your post to a suggestion thread requesting this feature.

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Done - thanks very much! I did see that original post in a search, but since it had been 3 years since there was any activity on that thread, I wasn’t sure it was a good idea to reply there.