FTP Stopped Working-Iphone/Mac

Hello, FTP has stopped working for Infuse for my iPhone and Mac.
It started a few weeks ago. (Login and password are correct and not changed)
The SMB works as normal.
Any known issues with FTP?


Did you check the server to see if it changed the ftp addresses or permissions from a restart or update?

Thanks for your quick response. I use the ASUS´s own FTP server, and no changes have been made to the setup. My setup works only a few weeks back in time.

Can you do an FTP transfer from the mac finder?

No, it will not connect via the finder

Then it sounds like something has changed in your FTP server settings if you can’t connect from other devices either.

Is there a reason you need FTP over SMB? If SMB is working without issues I’d stick with that.

I downgraded the firmware, and it works like a charm again. Thanks again.


What on? The info may help others. :wink:

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