FTP, SSH AFP, not function

After a blocking apptv, I had to reinstall atvflash. Now I have more problems thanthe initial installation. I can not access apptv and ext hdd via FTP. I can notenable or disable services SSH, FTP and AFP. How can I fix it?


In Management services, FTP access is ON but when I try to disable it says "FTP MISSING, can not enable" while the other is marked OFF and warns me not to be able to activate. (?)


Now, it's ok.

I installed everything from the beginning. 

AppTv reset, updated AppTv original file, atvflash installed via usb.

Installed and updated files "maintenance" from apptv. 

Now worked all: ftp, ext hdd and various video files.

Bye from Italy :-)


i'm having the same problem like you. only that i started from using patch stick and get to atvflash later. How do you do atv reset, update original file? Not sure how to do that...

Ciao LEO…


I do have exactely the same problem.


II have everthing updated and instaleld but I can not SSH nor FTP.


My ATV Gen1 is working fine and even making good syncs with ITUNE (ver 10.X ) . I do have all domain APPLE at home and all devices are in the same Wifi net, just in case.  Any advice _  appreciated.

FTP and SSH are enabled by default when installing aTV Flash.

If you’re having trouble connecting you may try re-installing aTV Flash using a USB flash drive.