FTP improvements for slow connections

Has anybody successfully used Infuse to stream videos from external FTP servers? (ie: a Seedbox)

I’ve been trying to use Infuse (both iOS and tvOS versions) to stream media from an external FTP/SFTP server…however my download speeds are extremely slow when I try to do so.

I can get 1.5 mbytes/sec using various FTP clients (no multi-threading) when copying files, however according to my router logs, Infuse struggles to reach 50 kbytes/sec while streaming files. The result is a LOT of buffering and waiting.

I figure it must be due to the high latency (300-400ms) connection to the external FTP server, because streaming from local FTP servers is flawless.


Hello, i have actually done this. last night i set up my FTP on my synology nas, and then i went to my Apple tv, and connected to my nas using the FTP setup.

i managed to have it work flawlessly. it works, but loading time will increase a bit, but it will work without buffering mid ways and annoying stuff like that.
i just tried using 3G connection on my Iphone 5s right now… i started an episode of Arrow Season 1 Episodes 1, took about 5 minutes for it before it started playing. it works when it starts playing, but i cant figure out WHY it takes so long to start the movie… is it because it wants to buffer a lot of the movie before playing, is it speed drops’ is it because its FTP(i dont get that cause when i access it from home and use the FTP mode, it SHOULD act the same way) and that doesnt take nearly as long…

aah sorry, i misread your post, about external ftp…
i read it as external in the way that you access your home server by using FTP protocol and then want to download/stream on your telephone for example