FTP help.

Running infuse 3.3.1 on iPad. From everything I’ve read there is the possibility to steam via FTP. However all I see is the option to connect locally (LAN) and the transfer files to the iPad via another app like cyber duck. I was under the impression I could access my files remotely (WAN) through FTP protocol using my exterior IP address but i don’t see how. I’ve tested by connecting to a neighbours wifi but it only sees their local media sources as well. What am I missing?


i’ve finally found out how to connect remotely (buried in your blog) by selecting “other” as source of media. However, I cannot connect it just hangs.
Here is what I’ve done:

Select source as “other”

Share name: (i entered the name of my NAS on my network)
Protocol : FTP
address: here i entered my IP address (my WAN not LAN)
Port: left to default 21
username and password (entered my credentials for my NAS drive)

I walked over to my neighbours’ and signed into his WIFI so that I was accessing remotely not locally.

I hit enter and it hangs -never connects.

I am trying to allow the other users of my NAS drive access to it remotely through Infuse (that’s right I’m selling them on buying your app to connect to my drive :))
I have all my media on a WD MyCloud and there is a setting to allow FTP (Selected “ON”) and it defaults to port 21. I even checked my router (D-Link DIR-632) and port forwarded port 21 to the local IP of the NAS and no love. What am I missing?

Yes, remote FTP is supported in Infuse. However, the biggest challenge we see people running into is with regard to port forwarding and firewalls.

You may try connecting with a regular old FTP client to ensure your setup is working as expected. Once that’s working, you can plug those same settings into Infuse without too much fuss.

Thanks. I was able to finally connect (my neighbours wifi is slow so it hung for a while). However, now there is an issue with permissions. This may not be on the Infuse side. Using the credentials of two users of the NAS drive I set up FTP in Infuse. There are 8 shares on the remote NAS. These two users have read only access to only 4 of them. However all shares are showing and accessible. This is not ideal. One share that is connected to the NAS is an external drive attached via USB and it does not show at all- for any user. Would love to use FTP for them but this is not ideal. NAS is a WD MyCloud. Any other users out there using this same config? It seems like all permissions are being ignored I will try to log in with no user name and password to verify.

Sorry. I keep jumping the gun. Although all shares appear to all users the permissions are being used correctly. Users with no permissions to a share can see it but when they select it they are denied access so that is working. However, it still does not show the share that is attached to the NAS via USB. It may be a limitation of the FTP protocol. Hopefully someone else has come across this?

I’ve given up on FTP as it seems to have limitations. I’ve ssh’d into my WD MyCloud and given users log in permissions. These users are set to default to /shares as the home folder. When I sftp-ssh into the drive with cyberduck it works. The user starts at share level (not root thankfully). However, when I use the sftp protocol in the infuse app it defaults to the root level of the drive. I know that within Infuse they can’t make changes so i’m not concerned about them inadvertently bricking the drive. But I am not sure why it ignores the assigned home folder setting for them. They are being placed at the root level as though they signed in as “root”. They are able to navigate to the folders where the intended shares are but it’s a nuisance. Is there a limitation on the Infuse side causing this? FYI the same thing happens in Kodi (starts at root level).

In Infuse, you can specify a path you want to load which would prevent the root from being visible.

Something like this should work.

Thanks James. Tried that. Problem is the shares folder is “visible” but greyed out so it fails. I was however, able to set it up through webdav (https) using the wd2go site as host. Had to do it for each share though. Ie path is /Movies_ and then do it again for another share as it wouldn’t accept multiple shares with path as /Movies_,/TV_ etc… But. I can live with that. :slight_smile: