Ftp files larger than 4.5 GB to USB (Secondary) HD

I am new user of the ATV Flash software. Im pretty pleased so far. Only problem i have is when i want to move files from my IMac to the AppleTV using FileZilla FTP.
Connecting to the AppleTV works like a charm.
Navigating to the movies folder is not a problem.
Finding my 1 TB external “MyBook” drive, not a problem…
But transferring files larger than 4.5 GB, fails totally…

Fileszilla transfers to round 95%, and then the connection (for that file) shutsdown, and the file is moved to “Files not transferred” in the Filezilla menu. I can rerun the upload, and the transfer starts over.


What format is your drive in? FAT32 formatted drives do have a 4GB file size limitation which may be what you are running into.