FTP files from Transmit still crashes Infuse 2

Hoping the next update will bring stability to ftp file transfers.

Still broken in 2.2.1

Does this same issue occur in Cyberduck?


Infuse uses the native iOS FTP API, so it’s possible Transmit could be doing something iOS doesn’t like.

Cyberduck works fine. Transmit works fine via transfers in the finder just not the actual application. I wrote to Panic to see if they know what is up.   

Panic told me to slow download the transfer speed. Things are fine at 3MB/s. I plan on pushing it to see when Infuse 2 breaks.

Interesting. Thanks for following up.

3.1 MB/s is the maximum that Infuse 2 can handle before crashing. Of course I would like faster, but I can live with that.


I confirm that wifi transfer randomly (and often) crashes, because the iPhone (4s) itself disconnects from the wifi network. I need to quit Infuse, wait for a while for the iPhone to connect back, and try again. It took me 20 tries to copy a 1 GB file with either FTP or web UI.

My wifi signal is very strong, and I tried changing wifi channel with no success. Strangely, at work, where wifi signal is not so strong, I rarely have disconnection from wifi. This seems to confirm that a high transfer rate can cause the iPhone wifi to crash.

Using an FTP client that can limit the speed may solve the issue, I'll try that, thanks.