FTP files FROM AppleTV

One reason I purchased aTV Flash was to ftp all my pictures off of the AppleTV. My external hard drive crashed and burned but all my family pics were still on the AppleTV. I have Cyberduck but can’t seem to find where the pictures are located? Any help for this rookie is greatly appreciated!!!

The files can be found in /mnt/Media/Photos. However they’re not in the same order that you would expect them on your Mac.

There might be a tool out there that reads the data in the correct order however I’m not able to help there. At the minimum though you should be able to recover the raw files from the directories in the /mnt/Media/Photos location and resort them in iPhoto.

Hope this helps. It can be devastating to lose so many precious memories.

P.S. One rule of thumb is to make a backup. Don’t want to preach but USB drives are cheap these days.

There is a guide for recovering synced media: http://wiki.atvflash.com/index.php?title=Restore_Stored_Media