FTP fails after 1 or 2 transfers

I keep getting into this problem - I reboot AppleTV - then I connect FTP ( Filezilla ) - no problems - I transfer say one TV show file abut 250 meg - no problems - then I select another file about same size - no problem - then the third about the same size - booooom - FTP fails after transfering about half the file and I am unable to FTP back in - anyone have an idea???

Other than Boxee cashes things are fine -

By the way I am using an external drive - Iomega 2TB - formatted for Mac - so once I am in FTP have created some subfolders under the name of my drive which shows up as MediaHD -
It plays the content fine once it is there - just can’t get FTP to stay up -

As Boxee chrased I did see a very brief quick MSG that said that primary “startup disk drive has no more space available for applications” - ( I assume the internal 160GB drive ) so I deleted most all of my movies of it -

I have not rebooted AppleTV yet but I know I am writing to external drive - I can see that in iTunes as I am FTP’ing to it now OK after I deleted my movies of the internal drive - So I guess that it still needed some work space on the internal drive -

Now Boxee keeps crashing with the same MSG about no more space for apps - but the FTPing is going good

“Error:XMBC/BOXEE exited with status : 4”
what does that mean ???

Where exactly are the files being transferred to when connected via FTP? You basically have 2 options.

  1. Files copied to the ‘Movies’ folder will be stored on the internal drive.
  2. Files copied to the external drive (located inside Movies folder) will be stored on the external drive.