FTP and streaming speed from Time Capsule to ATV

Hi all,

Currently I have connected my 1tb Time Capsule to my Apple TV with a standard ethernet cable. Ideally, I want to be able to stream movies from my Time Capsule to the Apple TV. Using NitoTV I mounted my Time Capsule volume and can access all my media without any problems. The problem is that I notice a significant amount of lag (ie: choppy playback and frequent pauses) when I play movies from the Time Capsule to the ATV. I figured that connecting the units with an ethernet cable would allow me to easily stream movies.

Similarly, my ftp transfer speeds from the Time Capsule to the ATV (using cyberduck) are not what I was expecting. I get about 1.5-1.7 mbps moving over a movie from the Time Capsule to the ATV. I’m not sure if that’s standard, but it’s certainly much lower than I anticipated.

If anyone is able to offer me a bit of advice on how I can speed up the streaming and transfer speeds between my apple TV and Time Capsule I would really, really appreciate it.

Many thanks in advance!

Cannot really comment on your FTP speeds, since I always use SSH/SCP/SFTP and get good speeds, as far as I know FTP is supposedly a little bit faster…

So I think something is wrong with your network setup, or your client. Have you tried muCommander? If not try that and see if it fixes your speed issues.

Have you tried playing the movies in XBMC? Do they stutter there also?

That does seem a bit low. Usually when connected via ethernet you will see transfer speeds of 8-15 MB/s via FTP. You may try using an alternate USB cable.