FTP and Bonjour


I have made finaly update the aFlashTV 3.1.
But i try to use a FTP program as Transmit it do not work with FTP protocol.
That is giving as example in the Easy Startup manual.
The only work is FUGU in the SFTP and SSH1 mode.
Maybe its a bug?

thks for reply

Try Cyberduck for FTP transfer , as promised it is much faster :slight_smile:

Cyberduck also don’t work


There was a problem while connecting to AppleTV.local:22

The connection in FUGU is oke.

Cyberduck 3.01 worked for me. What version are you using?

FTP was much faster, say 7M/sec instead of 1 or so.

You have 2 options for transfer programs.

  1. CyberDuck with FTP protocol
  2. Fugu with SFTP and ssh1 protocol

If you are using Cyberduck make sure to use FTP. The exact setup options are in the Easy Start Guide.

Sorry thks for reply’s.

But all the ftp connections do not working.

I use then FUGU thats the only working.

Did you perform a factory restore before installing the new software?

NO i did not.
Can that be the matter?

Yes, the 3.1 version requires you to factory reset, and update to latest software before installing.

We’re working so that future versions will not require a full reset.

Oke i try it in minuts and give a reply if i am ready thks!!

Great solution from you it WORKS!!!

Also my transmit program works.

Much thks for your quick reply!!!