Frustrating non-HDR video on Apple TV 4K + LG OLED

So I finally got a 4K Apple TV and it looks great when I’m looking at HDR material, but if I try to play any 2160p non-HDR file, the image appears washed out and colors look very drab (mind you If I play Comcast which isn’t even a 1080 signal, colors and everything look great) Any ideas how/why to get the SDR content on my OLED to display correctly?

Thank you!

I don’t have any issues. What’s the content you’re trying to play? What version is your ATV4K set to? Do you have ‘Match Dynamic Range’ and ‘Match Frame Rate’ enabled? What is your ATV4K output and format set to?

You and I have very similar equipment… i have a Denon 2200W, a 55C6P, and the Apple 4K.

My 4K has Match Dynamic Range and Match Frame Rate turned on. Format is 4K HDR 60hz,

Switch to 4k SDR format and everything is fine.

Apple TV will switch to HDR automatically if there is a file with HDR tag.

Ok, now what’s the content you’re trying to play? A mediainfo on something that’s playing washed out or a sample would help.

I also switched to just running the ATV4K in 4K SDR and letting it switch to HDR for HDR videos when mode switching cake out and would recommend that.

Was trying to play 4K SDR Movie it looks better with it set to 4K SDR but it still looks pretty drab.

Heres the mediainfo for the file:
Matroska 11.9GiB, AVC, TrueHD, was encoded with mkvmerge v17.0.0 64bit

Video says 7,796kb/s 3840*1608 (2.40:1) @ 23.976 FPS, AVC (High@L4.1) (CABAC/4 Ref Frames)

Most 4K movies have HDR. It could have been encoded from a movie with HDR without adding the HDR back to the encode? That mediainfo is truncated, so still not sure.

Unique ID                                : 234662954914036591928314197875151898294 (0xB08A70F090B04DC835E8CEA6B37C86B6)
Complete name                            : Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017) - 2160p HDR UHD Remux Atmos TrueHD 7.1.mkv
Format                                   : Matroska
Format version                           : Version 4 / Version 2
File size                                : 49.9 GiB
Duration                                 : 2 h 15 min
Overall bit rate mode                    : Variable
Overall bit rate                         : 52.6 Mb/s
Movie name                               : Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)
Writing application                      : Lavf57.71.100
Writing library                          : Lavf57.71.100
ErrorDetectionType                       : Per level 1

ID                                       : 1
Format                                   : HEVC
Format/Info                              : High Efficiency Video Coding
Format profile                           : Main 10@L5.1@High
Codec ID                                 : V_MPEGH/ISO/HEVC
Duration                                 : 2 h 15 min
Width                                    : 3 840 pixels
Height                                   : 2 160 pixels
Display aspect ratio                     : 16:9
Frame rate mode                          : Constant
Frame rate                               : 23.976 (24000/1001) FPS
Color space                              : YUV
Chroma subsampling                       : 4:2:0 (Type 2)
Bit depth                                : 10 bits
Title                                    : Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)
Default                                  : Yes
Forced                                   : No
Color range                              : Limited
Color primaries                          : BT.2020
Transfer characteristics                 : PQ
Matrix coefficients                      : BT.2020 non-constant
Statistics Tags Issue                    : mkvmerge v16.0.0 ('Protest') 64-bit 2017-10-07 18:19:50 / Lavf57.71.100 
FromStats_BitRate                        : 45047260
FromStats_Duration                       : 02:15:46.430000000
FromStats_FrameCount                     : 195319
FromStats_StreamSize                     : 45871794766
Mastering display color primaries        : R: x=0.680000 y=0.320000, G: x=0.265000 y=0.690000, B: x=0.150000 y=0.060000, White point: x=0.312700 y=0.329000
Mastering display luminance              : min: 0.0050 cd/m2, max: 1000.0000 cd/m2

ID                                       : 2
Format                                   : TrueHD
Format profile                           : TrueHD+Atmos / TrueHD
Codec ID                                 : A_TRUEHD
Bit rate mode                            : Variable
Maximum bit rate                         : 11.3 Mb/s
Channel(s)                               : Object Based / 8 channels
Channel positions                        : Object Based / Front: L C R, Side: L R, Back: L R, LFE
Sampling rate                            :  / 48.0 kHz
Frame rate                               : 1 200.000 FPS (40 SPF)
Bit depth                                : 24 bits
Compression mode                         : Lossless
Delay relative to video                  : -1 ms
Title                                    : Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)
Language                                 : English
Default                                  : Yes
Forced                                   : No
Statistics Tags Issue                    : mkvmerge v16.0.0 ('Protest') 64-bit 2017-10-07 18:19:50 / Lavf57.71.100 
FromStats_BitRate                        : 7507797
FromStats_Duration                       : 02:15:46.430000000
FromStats_FrameCount                     : 9775717
FromStats_StreamSize                     : 7645218816

00:00:00.000                             : :King Cobra & Giant Sea Monkey
00:09:56.179                             : :Golden Morons
00:15:10.118                             : :Space Chase
00:22:14.083                             : :Not From Missouri
00:32:33.702                             : :Deepest, Darkest, Secrets
00:36:52.127                             : :Berhert Ambush
00:42:29.172                             : :Finding Meaning
00:48:03.464                             : :Taserface
00:53:18.904                             : :Celestial Catch
00:58:45.939                             : :Let's Agree To Never Discuss This
01:05:52.240                             : :Eclector Escape
01:11:12.435                             : :Sibling Rivalry
01:18:43.594                             : :Eternity
01:23:55.322                             : :Two Of A Kind
01:30:24.753                             : :Inflated Ego
01:39:36.179                             : :What A Day
01:47:06.211                             : :From The Heart
01:54:21.605                             : :A Father's Sacrifice
01:58:53.710                             : :The Colors Of Ogord
02:07:13.459                             : :End Credits

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That bitrate seems really low., it seems you got a remux which could be part of the problem. Hard to say what the issues is unless you have the source content. without a more detailed mediainfo readout, it will be hard to say what could be the issue or if anyone else has the same file to test.

Personally I haven’t run into any issues picture wise with my B7A (ATV4K goes through a Denon 930H). “drab” movies look “drab” (as they should) and movies with “pop” have “pop”. Ive made a “few” personal backups and since I go for quality, my bitrates tend to be between 25 and 39Mbps for video. I haven’t run into something that looks worse than the source (which could be the issue here). If the source isn’t great, the resulting file wont be great.

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Many TVs have image settings specific to each source.
So check the image settings you have when watching Comcast (which you like) and apply the same settings when using the Apple TV.

Also, I do not know if this a factor, TVs (including LG’s C7 OLED) have per-HDMI HDR switches (called UHD color for example). This is automatically enabled for the HDMI input (at least on the C7) when you connect an HDR source.
So maybe with this enabled, when you output SDR content on this HDMI input, colors could be altered and look dull.
So you could try turning this off, or plug the Apple TV to a different HDMI port (and answer no the HDR/UHD color question in the TV, or before switching hdmi input just set the Apple TV to output SDR with dynamic range matching off).

Which adjustment is better for a hdr capable 4K HDR - TV & AVR set?
Setting the basic video output to 4K 60Hz HDR and let it auto change to sdr if video has sdr
Setting the basic video output to 4K 60Hz SDR and let it auto change to hdr if video has hdr
Any comment, any advantages between both basic adjustments?

I’ve read (but now cannot find, of course) that setting it to SDR is better as some apps don’t have a range set. Things like Hulu dont have HDR shows, so they don’t bother to declare a range when you start watching something - meaning if your atv is set to HDR, it will treat that Hulu video as HDR even though it isn’t.

I don’t know whether or not this has an impact on picture quality.

I leave it at 4K 60Hz SDR for less switching in some apps (like Channels for live TV). With 4K 60Hz HDR I was switching too much.