Frustrated! nitoTV DVD playback remote doesn't FF or Rewind

I have a large number of files in VIDEO_TS folders. At first they wouldn’t play at all, but then I changed the nitoTV setting: Settings -> DVD -> Straight to Menu to “on” and at least now the movie starts playing when I navigate to the enclosing folder of the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS files.

The problem is that the only 2 remote functions that work are: Right arrow – moves one chapter ahead and Left arrow – moves one chapter behind.

No matter how many posts I read, now much googling I do, how many times I have tweaked and changed settings, I can not get (at the very least) Fast Forward and Rewind to work.

I know I am not the only one having this problem because I have seen a lot of posts about it, but I don’t see any clear-cut, reasonable resolution. There has to be a fix for this. Has anyone else encountered this problem and gotten it fixed??

Thank you

Like you I have gont very frustrated with fast forward and backward on VOB and Video_TS files not working as expected.

I have done some tests to see what happens to different file formats (Much googling etc does not turn up sufficient information to help quickly, and searching the forums here seems to show that a few people has raised this subject but have had no clear answers).

I have found that

  1. DVD Video_TS files jump to chapters, back one for each left depress. Forward one if right depressed. Top and bottom presses have no effect.

  2. If using a Vob file format the stepping appears to be a number a frames (blocks of frames- my guess is about 2 minutes worth). Back or forth depending on the left or right button depressed. Continuous hold seemed to act as just one press. Multiple presses on a direction steps back or forth the number of frame-blocks. A small gauge shows up to give an approximation of the positon. Sound is heard but the frame is not shown until it reaches the final position.
    Top or bottom presses increase or decrease the sound volume.

  3. Mp4 format files react as expected, with the fast forward or fast backward presses. A nice electric blue gauge shows up with numbers indicating the position accurate to minutes and seconds. Top and bottom presses have no effect. This works extremely well and as good as anything I have seen elsewhere. This should be the benchmark for the others file formats.

  4. M4v files work as Mp4 with the same response time.

Because of the frustration with VOB files I have started to convert some of my main videos to mp4, but because it takes so long to carry out the conversion I have only done a few.

It would be nice to know what what codecs/player/ plugins that cause the different effects. Maybe then it might be possible to work towards a common quality solution for all video files…
Here’s hoping.