frUnderstudy Install for Netflix and Hulu

So the new frontrow plugin has been created for Macs and that’s what AppleTV is basically using.

I was able to extract the frUnderstudy.frappliance out of what the package would install into Frontrow. Searching how it’s setup on an AppleTV, the appliances get installed into:

I found that the nitoTV, Sapphire, etc were all in there. SSH’d into the ATV and properly copied the new frap into there. I also modified the User info with CHOWN and CHMOD to match proper permissions. After a reboot, i’d figure it would work but I am missing something. The files are in there correctly but is there some plist file or addition to something else in the directory that will allow it to be visible? The new frappliance being installed hasn’t affected the Finder at all, but it just doesn’t show in the Menu listings alongside everything else. Anyone know how I can get that to happen. Perhaps, once that’s enabled, then this would show up, alongside Boxee, and the rest.

I feel I’m almost there, just need to be able to reference to view the files. Help.


I’m looking into it. I know exactly what you mean, there is probably just one little copy-paste from a plist of another frappliance to this one. I’m trying a few things, but so far no luck for me.

any luck with netflix on appletv?