Frozen control on ATV

Hey all, I’ve got an interesting thing going on. I’m using the latest ATV flash along with latest FW for my ATV. A few days ago, my controller simply froze up, and the menu is unresponsive (the white light on the front of the unit doesn’t even flash when I press any button). However the controller does work, since I’m able to use the MENU and - keys to go into reset mode. When I do this and simply tell the ATV to restart, same thing happens again.

Any ideas what could be causing this? The only solution I find to correct is a factory restore, then I update FW and flash, but this would be a pain since each time I do this I have to upload all my content again.

Thanks for your help!

You can try un-pairing your remote.

While on the main menu screen, hold the left arrow and menu buttons for 6 seconds. You should see a flashing remote icon in the upper left corner to confirm the un-pairing action.