Frontrow "loop"

I’ve run into a confounding problem with my aTV 1st Generation that I can’t seem to get around.

It has been Jailbroken with aTVFlash for quite some time, but lately it has been just dropping out of iTunes and requiring hard reboots to be seen again (my other 1st gen aTV is a twin and I’m not having any issues with it so I’m eliminating local network issues).

I grew weary of the issue so I decided to restore back to factory fresh and then re-jailbreak - big mistake…

After restoring to factory fresh it got stuck in a “Frontrow restart loop” - it tried to connect to iTunes (showing me the 5 digit codes) but was flashing between the Apple logo and a different code about once every second or so.  I managed to hit “menu” on the remote and get a quick look at the 1.0 FrontRow interface (not the Take 2 menus) but it was still flashing back to an Apple logo and then FrontRow.

Knowing I was going to Jailbreak anyway I downloaded the latest aTVFlash and prepped a USB stick and ran the installer.  It appeared to run successfully and advised me to reboot the AppleTV, which I did, and was presented with the normal splash video, then the language choice and resolution choice, and again the old FrontRow interface, but this time with the aTVFlash menus appearing (Maintenance & Sources).  But still the FrontRow interface is restarting with the Apple logo.

If I am quick with the remote I can move the menu selector up/down but it resets too quickly for me to get to any settings.

At this point I’m kind of stuck - I can SSH to it and log-in and navigate, so the AppleTV itself isn’t actually restarting, but I can’t maneuver enough through the menu’s to get anything done.

Is there a guide on using the aTVFlash to put a fresh 3.0.2 build (with Take 2) on the AppleTV and get it at least back to a “known good” state as if it were new?  Then I can start again with troubleshooting?

I was able to resolve the problem myself - I re-restored it a few more times to “factory reset” and finally it seemed to come up “clean”.

I then upgraded it to “Take 2” and so far I’ve been stable.  I’m going to let it run for awhile before I re-jailbreak.

This is likely related to a conflict between the 1.x versions of Apple TV and newer versions of iTunes.

If you find yourself in this position again, you may try closing iTunes on all networked computers as this should stop the reboot looping.