Frontrow and 10.6

Will MIRow fix the share problem that happens with frontrow? Local files show up fine, but shared files from other computers on the network do not shoe up correctly...if mirror fixes that, i am sold.

Possibly something we can look into.  Do the shared files appear at all, or what exactly is the problem?

  Nope Shared files do not appear at all.


Set up is this

iMac in one room is the media "server" has all the files on it. In either Share mode for itunes 10, or Home share enabled mode, itunes on the mac mini in the living room sees the files from the shared computer. At one point shared files did show up in Frontrow, so there is a listing there of some of the media, but it is not complete now. Now no matter what is added, renamed, etc on the iMac, it will not show up in the frontrow listing when the iMac is selected as the source. Only the old listing from some time ago. However all those changes are seen in the iTunes share it self.

People around the web suggest it might be an issue with 10.6 or more recent versions of iTunes, but I have not been able to figure it out, even by removing and reinstalling various versions of Frontrow from the CoreServices folder.


If you can figure this out you are digital ninjas and deserve the cash!




I was The anon poster, finally got around to logging in. Found out something new to this equation. It is not a problem with the box that you are trying to stream too, it is a problem with the cache on the “server”. I know this because i went through the horrible process of reformat and reinstall on the mac mini, and when i fired up frontrow to get to the other box the content was exactly the same, down to what h ad and had not been watched…

Just and i interesting data point.

Interesting.  Thanks for circling back. 

BTW - I went ahead and updated your previous posts.