Front Row , what can I use it for?

Excuse me for perhaps a newbie question, even though I am a bit more advanced as days go by, but I can’t really figure out what Front Row is all about? I have Front Row on my Mac,
and I don’t seem to see Front Row under any of the Menus on my ATV … So what is the Front Row folder used for when I have Cyperduck open FTP, with all the Subfolders?
Am I supposed to be able to put apps in there? Somewhere along the line, am I supposed to see a rollout similar to the Front Row that I see on my Mac ? Isn’t Front Row on Mac more or less the same thing as what ATV does , but just a different GUI?

Frontrow is the name of Apples mediacenter and GUI. On AppleTV it is also the name of the user.

Thanks Guru, thought it might be that. I am still trying to discover what I can throw into the Front Row, application area ie apps that may
work for example through NitoTV… I am going to try the EyeTv app that I put in there last night, to see what it looks like, and whether there
is any reason to have it in there, besides being able to play EyeTV files.