From Yearly Subscription to One Time Purchase

Hi guys,

at the moment I have the yearly subsciption.
Next month (on 05.10.2021) it will be automatically renewed.
Generally I am not a fan of subscription, so I want to change to the one time license.
Is there anything I have to keep in mind?
Or can I just disable auto renewal and when the license expires on 05.10.2021 I will purchase the one time license?
I don’t want to loose my Infuse settings etc.

Just buy lifetime at any time.

It’s so simple most people can’t understand it.


If you can I’d say buy the lifetime like @bhampster said first and then cancel the yearly after you get confirmation of the lifetime purchase. That should maintain continuity of your subscription.


Oh okay, didn’t know, that you can purchase two different plans within Infuse.
Okay, I will purchase the lifetime in a few days and let my yearly subscription expire. Thanks!

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Best to actually cancel the yearly once you confirm the lifetime is active. Otherwise it may try to renew and then you have to go through the hoops to get a refund. :wink:

The App Store on my iPad does not show a lifetime option, only monthly and annually. I am in Canada, is the lifetime option not available here.? Update : Ah, I see it now as a new purchase . It is not shown as an option under my subscriptions. Will it be an option if I first cancel my annual membership ?

Recommend you follow this order. :wink:

That is what I planned to do but cannot see a lifetime option. I will keep looking, perhaps there is another route . Thanks

Update:Found it in the Settings on my Apple TV.

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