From one infuse to another infuse

Hello guys. How do you sync the infuse of one ipad to another infuse account from another ipad?

If they share the same iCloud then just make sure iCloud sync is turned on and the libraries will sync. You may need to re-add certain shares on the second iPad first.

Hello there,
Do you have options other than the icloud? I don’t have much storage left.

Yiyi Chen.

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Currently iCloud is the only way to sync all of the settings and textual metadata of Infuse between multiple devices that are logged into the same Apple ID.

The amount of iCloud storage that Infuse uses is not that much. For a library of around 15,000 TV episodes and around 900 Movies it’s running about 800MB of iCloud storage space.

In the near future Infuse will also allow the iCloud back up of the artwork for metadata and that will increase the storage required but I believe that the artwork backup will be optional. I’m pretty sure I read where James said that it would be at least.

The other option is to use a private server such as emby/plex/jellyfin

This doesn’t sync the Infuse settings and shares or metadata corrections.