Fresh install status

DVD - Network
Shows the shares, but reboots when I choose it.
(Macbook, airport, etc)

Servers - Media Servers
Shows the Media Servers, but reboots if I try to play any file.
Tried to access the media server for another mac, works fine.
After messing around, the best I could do was that it didn’t reboot but gave me some -1069 error.

None work there. So I was told to update. I did so. XBMC works, but the resolution is all out of wack.
Boxee doesn’t respond to the play and the menu button.

The Knowledgebase articles seem to be out of date too.

Manually chown’d, downloaded, restored etc, like everyone else tried, on the knowledgebase forums.
Still doesn’t work.

Isn’t this why I paid for the atv flash? So I wouldn’t have the hassle of doing everything myself?