Fresh install - No cover art in Infuse for ATV2?

I recently decided to re-jailbreak one of my ATV2's due to some issues with XBMC and I wanted to start fresh. It was previously on 5.2 untethered and I now went for 5.3. Everything went smooth and I also installed ATV Flash 2.4 and set up my NFS share from the NAS. It downloaded all the metadata and cover art just fine.

I then decided to do the same with my other ATV2, but no matter what I do, Infuse just doesn't load the cover art for movies on this one, it just shows "screenshots" in the grid view, metadata is fine though, as are TV shows showing both metadata and cover art.

I tried to force re-download of metadata on folder and individual movies but to no avail, even re-stored and re-jailbroke again, still no cover art.

Please, any ideas of what the problem might be?

OK, so cover art's working now since yesterday on both my ATV's!

Be sure to install yesterday's update, as it includes a permanent fix.