Frequent Buffering

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I’m relatively new to Infuse, and like it very much when it works. Very often, though, I get a frequent “buffering” message during playback. My network is very fast (30 Mbps down), and so it seems like it should be able to handle streaming an .H264 file just fine. Is Infuse dependent on the local network connection, or its connection to the Internet? Is there a way to change settings so it’s not depending on my ISP to do its thing? Thanks for any advice!


ATV2, Mac Pro 2.8 Ghz Quad Core, Internal SATA Drive for Media

Good luck on getting any help with this problem, I’ve been trying for a month now but still no reply on the forum and the support tickets I’ves ent in have been closed without it being solved. The tips I got actually made my a-tv completely useless and I am considering dropping Firecore all together after this hopeless “update”.

I have the same problem. Video and Audio is stuttering and buffering.

The firecore support is very bad.

I have a problem with some files for more than a year and still got no help with it…

Yesterday, I opened a new ticket but I guess it will end in the same way

Ive had this issue from time to time come to find out its my wireless. interference or running it by lets say another 2.4ghz source multiple different channels finding the right channel list goes on. ive found either connect it ethernet or deal with it. A wireless bridge on the 5ghz spectrum has done the trick for me im at about 240mb per second to the router and router to hard drives at about 300mb or so it says nonetheless i havnt seen any buffering problems running a 20gb movie from a hard drive in another room through this setup. aside from loosing my icons (another post) im good!

Having same issue and it makes no difference if I use WiFi or ethernet, so have eliminated network interference, must be an issue with infuse, as it never did happen before this was installed on apple tv.