help if an atv2 freezes can you hold menu and down buttons to restart without having to plug it back in to your laptop to do a tethered boot cheers

I think that does a hard reset (equivalent to powering off/on) which would therefore require it to be reconnected to do a tethered boot.

I guess one way to find out is to try it?

Depending on what it is that is causing the freeze it might be possible to connect via SSH and kill the problem process without doing a hard reset.


You will need to hook up your computer again to boot tethered.


The 2 buttons do a hard reboot not a respring

thanks for the reply is there any way to bring it out of a freeze without a re-tether by holding button on the remote thanks for your help


Use ssh


Type: killall AppleTV


It is case sensitive, this will respring the Apple TV and you won’t have to do a tethered boot


If you press and hold just the centre button it sends the unit to sleep, then start it again - that way you’re not having to re-tether. That’s what works for me