Hi everyone,

I got a 4th Apple TV generation and Infuse Pro 5.6.2.
All my videos are stored in the cloud (OneDrive).
Most of the time i launch a video (either apple tv, iPhone), it freezes every time. All videos are .mov or .mp4 and they all came from a creation made with iMovie. I thought the latest video I made was maybe too heavy, so i made the quality at the minimum (370Mo,mp4, 14 minutes, 1080p) but it did not change anything.
Even from my iPhone with 4G, the problem is still the same.

I really do not understand what’s wrong, and it feels like I bought a great app but useless for me !

Did you ever experience this, could someone help me ?

Best regards,

It may be related to something specific in these files, or how they were created.

Would you be able to upload a sample we can review here?

Just sent you the video where it causes problem. Most of the vidéo i have got the dame problem (like buffering) .
Waiting for your reply

Hi, have you got any news since i have sent you the vidéo on dropbox ?

Best regards

I just tested your sample here, and it seems to play just fine for me on an ATV4.

If you are getting buffering when streaming this from OneDrive it may mean your connection speed isn’t quite fast enough.

I seem to have the same kind of issues.

I stream everything from OneDrive, including 4K content and it usually plays fine so connection speed does not seem to be an issue. (I have Gigabit Ethernet but it could be on the oneDrive side).

It sometimes stalls (often just after starting) and the player does never recover. It seems like it is not loading the video but isn’t trying anything to retry.
This started around August (I have no idea if this is due to a tvOS or Infuse version, or anything else,and since then I changed Apple TV for a 4K).
It happens with 1080p content too and dos not seem to happen more often with high bitrate content.

It seems to be better recently (I have no idea why, maybe it is the type of content I am currently watching).

I have zero issue watching content located on my local network.

Hi, either i use OneDrive , or My old dropbox account or my 4G connection on my iPhone, the résult is always thé same, it freezes ! I do not understand, apparently it does not come from the video… so this is useless for me. I will not renew Pro version for next year.:frowning:

For information, I Also tried to play the videos locally from my mac… but it still freezes…It really does not seem that the problem is related to a bad connection.

Are you using SMB or NFS?
Infuse’s SMB implement is far from perfect and planned for an upgrade.
A lot of problems disappeared when I switched to NFS for local Infuse streaming.
You should probably give it a try.

I am using SFTP share using my macbook pro login and password.

Have you thought to try SMB or other protocol as a test? I am by no means an expert but I’ve read a few instances where the secure FTP protocol caused pauses as security info was exchanged during transfers.