Free upgrade to version 6 if buying 5 now?

Hi, I was earlier subscribing but ended cause I think it would be better to buy. If I buy version 5 now, will I get version 6 for free? Otherwise I’ll just have to wait I guess…

First, I don’t work for FireCore but I have been around for a few full version updates and first thing is they don’t give firm answers to pricing questions until they’ve announced a firm release date.

If you were subscribing that would have given you the update to v6 at no additional cost. To me, the lifetime subscription is the optimum way to go. If you just outright purchase infuse 6 pro then when 7 comes along your right back to being stuck a rev behind.

Firecore hasn’t let any grass grow under their feet with working on new features and fixing bugs so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them continue on the same time frame for new releases. Subscription makes sense and lifetime makes even more to me.

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Infuse 6 will be a free update for all subscribers (monthly, yearly, lifetime), but will be a separate purchase for those who downloaded the standalone paid ‘Infuse Pro 5’ app.

More info here.

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