Free space counter gone

In the latest version of Infuse, you guys have removed the free space indicator from the bottom left hand corner of the “Add files” screen. And that’s not cool.

To me, it was really useful to see what that number is so that I could know it without going into iOS settings. Also, maybe even more importantly, it was a useful indicator of when files that are being transferred to the iPad finish doing so. This way, I can start a transfer from the office, bring my iPad with me to the kitchen and know when files finish copying without having to go back.

You guys haven’t added a progress screen in the app when files are being copied, so this was my makeshift method.

Please please please bring back that free space counter. Can’t see what the benefit was in removing it in the first place.

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll see what we can do.

Thanks! It does beg the question why it was removed in the first place. There is nothing there instead right now that replaced it.

This may be an iOS 11 bug (or limitation).

We’re working on a new Add Files screen for the 5.6 update, and will work to get this added back.

Looks like it’s been fixed in the latest release, thanks!

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