Free infuse 6 upgrade not working


I just received the Xmas email for a free 1 year subscription to infuse 6 pro.

I have infuse pro 4.3 and infuse 6 installed on my AppleTV 4.

When I try to upgrade infuse 6 the yearly subscription on shows 1 month trial and not 1 year.

What am in don’t wrong?


The same problem, it was a joke or something?

so, i found the how. they are giving a one year suscription to everyone, but, if you used the 7 days free of the pro version in the past, you can’t access to this “gift”. they don’t care if you buyed the infuse 5 or 4 pro version. i downloaded with my wife apple ID and zero problem. She never buyed a pro version in the past, now she have 1 year for free

How do you know if you did a previous trial? I don’t remember doing so.

So much for us loyal repeat early adopters - we get nothing.

The same problem here. My friends can activate 1 year trial for free, but they didn’t buy previous versions of the app.

I just checked infuse 6 on my iPhone 7 plus. The “1 year free trial” is there ?

Is the free upgrade only applicable to the iPhone app and not the appleTV app?

If you upgrade infuse 6 on the iPhone will it upgrade on the AppleTV automatically?

Sorry for the confusion.

The main goal with this promo is to provide a path for users on old versions to start using Infuse 6, to avoid issues with iOS/tvOS 13.

  1. The promo is available to those who have the Infuse 4 (with Pro features activated), Infuse Pro 4, or Infuse Pro 5 apps installed on their device.
  2. Apple only allows a single trial per Apple ID, so unfortunately this promo will not work if you previously had a trial (sorry).
  3. This won’t be available for existing users. However, this replaced the previous promo which allowed v4/v5 users to obtain a lifetime license at a discount (which was a slightly higher discount value), so old users who already upgraded aren’t missing out.

Hope this helps!

I guess I’m still confused.

I have infuse 4 pro and Infuse 6 both installed on my iPhone and AppleTV.

I use the same apple ID for my iPhone and AppleTV. However, the iPhone infuse app only sees the promotion.

Does Apple only allow one free trial PER DEVICE no matter the Apple ID?

When was the appletv lifetime promotion? I was waiting for it. I must have missed it? Please ask Santa to bring it back???

Yes, a single subscription will work across all your devices. :slight_smile:

OK. So upgrading the iPhone infuse 6 app with free promotion should automatically upgrade the Appletv infuse 6 app even tho it doesn’t see the promotion? This is assuming both devices are using the same Apple ID. Correct?


Once you’re subscribed, that subscription can be access on all devices which are using the same Apple ID. The old app does not need to remain installed.

Well, you can check your download apps from the past, it is on “buyed” in the AppStore

Tell me about that, I buyed the infuse 4 and one month later… infuse 5 was announced. So I had to paid again ?. I said no to infuse 6 when get out

If you’re buying every year why not just go with a yearly subscription? It’s cheaper.

I said NO with the version 6, more expensive, and I paid in the past (twice) so I am not going to pay again, I don’t like “subscriptions” I prefer to pay once and use the app, is cheaper.

One thing to note about the subscription … the renewal price of the subscription is fixed at the price that you started the subscription.

So if the price of the subscription has been increased for new subscribers, existing subscriber renewals are at the price when they started the subscription.

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It’s not cheaper if it’s incompatible with a future tvOS update. Pay once works well if you don’t plan on updating the operating system.

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