Free 1 Year Pro Upgrade from Previous Infuse Pro 4 Purchase

Did anyone able to claim their upgrade from previous purchase of Infuse Pro 4?
I couldn’t claim mine for some reason the trial does not appear on Infuse 7.
I already have Infuse Pro 4.3.7 Installed on my iPhone.

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You can find the instructions here for upgrading.

I tried the said instructions but i don’t know exactly where is the “trial” text. This is what i see when i go to the upgrade section of Infuse 7.

There is a small section of text on the bottom that says it comes with a “trial” but i’m still not sure if that is what the instructions are saying.

It looks like you may have had a trial (maybe just the regular month) at some point in the past, and Apple only allows a single trial per Apple ID.

If you can pm me your receipt I can assist.

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I’m so sorry but i couldn’t figure out how to send you a private message. I tried going to your profile and everything but i couldn’t find it… but this is my receipt.

I moved it to a private area for James. :wink:

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Really sorry guys. Many thanks for the help.


PM sent. Thx.


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