Frame interpolation on iPad unable to be adjusted?

I just installed Infuse 7 on my 2021 iPad Pro, and every video I watch (24 or 23.976hz) seems to be rendered with some sort of frame interpolation giving them the dreaded soap opera effect. I have previously used Infuse 6 on a 2017 iPad Pro with a ProMotion display and never noticed this, and now I am wary of upgrading that model. Is this a known bug? Or was it an intended change, and if so, could you please add an option to disable interpolation? Right now this basically ruins using Infuse to watch movies.

Considering this iPad only just came out I doubt it was an intended change or even know at this point. Thanks for mentioning it. Is this on the 11” or 12.9”?


But actually this is happening on my iPad Pro from 2017 as well now that I updated to Infuse 7. So I think this is something that changed with Infuse 7.

I am not aware of any changes to video playback with v7. That was mostly interface changes. I suppose it could also be something with iPadOS 14.5 :man_shrugging:t3:

Is this affecting all videos or just a few?

What type of videos?

Would you be able to post the detailed MediaInfo specs for one that is causing problems?