Four purchase options

I’ve been expired by Infuse and to update there are four option to choose?

Sending capture.

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These will all have the same features and updates, so you can just pick either of the yearly or monthly options.

I am currently on Infuse Pro - Yearly $6.49. Will I be forced to $9.99 yearly subscription on next renew?

As long as you don’t let your subscription lapse you will continue paying the $6.49 rate. James has said in other posts that you will lock in the rate for subscriptions as long as you maintain that subscription.

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Well, I’ve paid since Appletv 2 and all the versions of infuse.

And I was tricked into purchasing Infuse 4, then I had to pay for the 5, and then I subscribed from 5.

And always 9.9 marks on my subscription I never saw 6.49!


Or those we trust from the beginning is higher than the new subscribers :sweat_smile:

If I erase and discharge myself again, I’ll pay 6.49?

The $6.49 was US dollars, not marks. Hence the “$” if you do an exchange rate you’ll see that 9.9 marks is around $6 US dollars. :wink:

Yeah, sure, just like jaja.

I’ve paid all the versions including the full 40 euros or more and some coupon since Appletv 2.

And you always have to pay.

At first it says purchase Infuse 4Pro for life and then it had to be paid for 5, 6 etc.

It was never done and $6 isn’t €10 :rofl:

But at least fix the problems.

As you see, I pay and I play my part.

@james Some way back to V6 I’ve already paid V7 for a year.

But I would like to remain subscribed to V6 works much better and I don’t have the problem of waiting almost a minute to open the application.

Is that possible?

I keep paying every year but for version 6.

Thank you.

You aren’t going to get the two versions as infuse is a rolling upgrade. The App Store doesn’t work that way. If you want to stay on infuse 6 then you’ll need to buy the standalone pro version… or turn off automatic upgrades for your apps.

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