Forwarding by 15 secs

I use the magic remote control that came with my LG oled with my appleTV.
In some apps, it is very easy to skip forward o rewind by specific amount of time (y guess it must be around 15 seconds), to do it I just hit let one time or right and it is very precise
But in Infuse wen I select right or left it keeps going and almost always I just run pass the part I was searching

I would love some kind of setting to select the way you like to skip forward or backwards


On the ATV version go into settings and make sure that you have “Chapter Control” turned off and then Infuse will do a 10 second skip forward or back with a right or left click.

This works great with the Siri remote that comes with the ATV so if your LG remote doesn’t work it’s a problem with the LG remote not giving the right code.

You’ve already found the thread requesting this feature for non Siri remotes so this thread was moved to the general section.

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