Forward / Backwards buttons 10 second skip

Recently the native player received an update so that the left / right command results in skipping forward / backwards by 10s.

Any plans to add this to Infuse’s video player? I enjoy this on Kodi / Plex on my Nvidia Shield and I’m really happy to see it being adopted by Apple in their native player.


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Go to “Settings” > Playback > Chapter Controls

This gives you either a skip to next or previous chapter or you will get the 10 seconds either way. :wink:

Sorry I should have been more specific… It doesn’t work this way for third party remotes like the Logitech harmony remote + hub. It has the old FFWD action from older Apple TV’s where you can scrub forward at three different speeds.

I don’t have the Setting chapter Control.

Sorry, that’s only available in the tvOS version.

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As the OP said, since tvOS 14.3, Apple changed the behaviour of the default player. A quick press on D-pad right or left during playback now performs a 10 second skip forward or back. A long press on these buttons operates the normal seek mode. It would be great if Infuse could match this default behaviour for consistency and convenience.

There is a suggestion from a couple of years ago which was being looked at. Hopefully it will get implemented now that Apple have shown the way.