Forum „Mobile-View“ don’t work anymore

Hey James :wink:
I often look to this forum with my MobilePhone.
But since two days the „mobile View“ is gone and it seems it show only the normal (Computer) View on the MobilePhone…

Could you please fix that? :wink:

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Yes it’s definitely broken. Seems like it is 3 times wider than it should be, although the text is still wrapping sometimes. I have another site I subscribe to and it still works correctly so I don’t think it is just the app.

It seems Discourse may have pushed out an update which is causing this issue.

I’ve reached out to them to see if it can be fixed.


It’s better now but too narrow now instead of too wide.

They just pushed a fix, and is looking good to me.

Good on your end as well?

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Within a thread it looks good now, but showing the list of all threads is extra wide again

Is this in Safari or the app?

Can you try refreshing or fully closing the app and reopening?

In the app. It’s working now. Switched to a different discourse feed and back to infuse and that refreshed everything.

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Yes it’s working here, too :wink:
Thank you :wink::+1:

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