Former Kodi user feedback on metadata and artwork

Hello people,

Before having a ATV4K I had a HTPC with Kodi and god was it so much simpler.

You can choose your metadata sources for every folder, you can choose to keep the original title of the film, movie or anime (not just the file name, but the original movie or TV show title), you can choose your artwork and your jacket between all those available on your metadata source in addition to choose one of your own and you’re not stuck with the one designed for your country (in France the artwork are often not as nice as those used for the US for exemple) and keep the resume in your language anyway. Because, yes I know I can choose the metadata language, but I’m French so if I can have it in French while having the beautiful US poster well I’m happy with it.

You can edit how the sorting is done on the title so if you have sagas and you want them to be in the right order even if the alphabetical order doesn’t match you can override it.

I thought that a paid app would be better or at least have the same feature that Kodi have since it’s free and open source. But I guess that I have no choice for the moment since Kodi isn’t officially installable on a ATV4K anyway.

I love the interface and the MacOS app with my data synced I admit, but for the rest it makes things more complicated than before.

I found that on Kodi I could resolve any “issue” I had on my library by manually override the scraping system when it failed to give me the result I expected (and it was pretty rare) but with Infuse I have no choice I just have to deal with the scraping system and I can’t modify anything. It’s a bit frustrating.

Sorry for the long post. I use Infuse since 2 years now I think, but I must admit I used Kodi since XBMC on my old Xbox so maybe I’m biased or just too used to it I don’t know.

Maybe I don’t know how to obtain the same results on Infuse and in that case don’t hesitate to explain.
If a dev passes by, don’t hesitate to tell us if any of those feature will come on Infuse :slight_smile:

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If you want custom poster for a movie then you can download the image you desire and name it the same as the video file and it will display that. Which by the sounds of the customization you are explaining above is probably about the same effort as changing individual metadata settings.

You can change artwork and metadata in Infuse. Here’s the users guide that explains how to.

Not really the same thing.
You have to search the poster you want on the internet, download it, rename it and then put it in the right folder while on Kodi you can simply browse all the available artworks for movie/TV show/anime and choose the one you want without even having to leave the app.

I don’t want to custom ALL my artworks just a few of them, edit how the sorting is done to have the right order and keep the original titles of my movies and TV shows instead of the French one without having my resume in English.

All of those features are already available on Kodi for years, and those operations takes MUCH less time than doing your metadata manually with the method you gave me. Plus that would only resolve my artwork “issue”.

Hear me well, I really enjoy Infuse and it’s gorgeous interface, I love my ATV4K much more than I loved my HTPC. But I’m a bit disappointed that features that are already available for years on a free and open source app aren’t available on a paid app. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one because I saw a few topics here and there on this very forum.

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I’ve had similar feelings for a few years. Though I love infuse the one thing that drives me nuts is its not simple to just select from available artwork/covers. Plex has this feature and if it weren’t for the need to run the plex app on a pc or NAS to use it I’d have left Infuse long ago just to have the ability to choose from available covers/artworks for those I don’t like set to ‘default’.

Though you can download files and name them etc… it isn’t as user friendly or easy as just selecting from a list of available covers. The other artwork/posters/covers already exist on tmdb… infuse just doesn’t let you choose what you want to see. :frowning_face: