Format video tutorial as a series


I have a video learning course with 54 lessons and about 10 to 50 episodes per lesson.

I want this course to be recognized as a series so that I can resume the lessons after a break. At the moment I have to search the folder every time and fight my way through the menu.

With the TV series it is very practical that it is displayed per season and I can continue this season at any time. The season is also shown under “last seen”.

That’s exactly what I want for my learning course.

Is there already a possibility if I rename it correctly? I tried it with “Course Lesson S01EXX” but unfortunately without success.

I hope I expressed myself clearly. If you have any questions, please ask.

Please help me.

Best regards


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infuse needs metadata from tmdb/tvdb to build up series, with no metadata grabbed, they are just displayed as files

Best you start by taking a look here :-

Note the bit about “Custom metadata can be set by adding an XML file. A sample can be found here.” - reckon that’s what you’ll need to do.

Thanks coops, for your answer.

The XML file is handy and I was able to change episode details with it. Like author, cast etc.

I also changed in the XML file the media type from movie to TV Show.

Unfortunately, this didn’t change the fact that it is not recognized as a TV show.

mofa2016 could be right.

I also tried different filename variations.

show name/any folder/S01E02.mkv
show name/season 1/episode 02.mkv

Unfortunately the only result was that the folder in Infuse was ignored and that all videos were visible now. It didn’t recognize it as a TV show and didn’t collect the files.

What do I have to do to make it recognized as a TV show?



Can someone from the staff please tell me if this is possible at all?

I don’t think it is but I’m not 100% sure. There’s a thread discussing TV xml and a response by James that makes me think it’s not possible here. Naming and displayin TV Shows

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Thank you NC Bullseye for your response.

In this article it looks as if it depends on TheTVDb and it is probably not possible after all…

Just a thought, from what I can gather if there’s a series on tvdb you can then override the artwork and text with an xml file and still have it show up in the library. Maybe find a TV show with a name that fits your needs or close and then just re-write the metadata in an xml file. I haven’t tried it but it may work as long as you use a name that tvdb recognizes.

Do you happen to have a template for such an XML file? I only found one for movies and need one for TV shows.

I’d try the one in that thread that I linked to above. There was an example of a TV show I thought. Naming and displayin TV Shows

Thank you for your effort.

It will show me the cover and the title of the TV show.

I will write my post in the suggestions page.

This isn’t really supported at this time, but there is a way to hack it with a bit of work.

  1. Add the files you want, organized into seasons/episode format
  2. Add series, season, fanart, and episode artwork as described here.
  3. Add XML files for each episode (this will be used for the descriptions, title, etc…)
  4. Navigate to your series in Infuse, and use the Edit button and search for any series available on TheTVDb (it doesn’t matter which one).

Infuse will use the underlying metadata from the TheTVDb to organize the series, but then use your manually added data to override what appears in Infuse. This should allow you to view the series in the TV Shows section of the Library.

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The xml file is ignored and it shows me nothing!

So I added the xml file and nothing is shown in infuse.

The mp4 file and the xml file have the same name except for the extension, see photo.

I have now copied the exact content and it is not displayed.

What else can I do?




Does the XML file appear in list in Infuse when using the Edit option?

If so, does selecting it change anything for you?

If it does not work after manually selecting it, can you try uploading the file so we can review it?

I can select it but it is still not displayed.

Here’s the file. I hope I can upload it, because actually only txt files can be uploaded.

I also wanted to try the second file number 2, of course with the correct file name.

I changed the file extension to txt because it could not be uploaded. Otherwise everything is the same.

The first file is with the original text from the tutorial.

1_montag_reha_side_lying_ife_de_2_i_also_tried.txt (9 KB)

1_montag_reha_side_lying_ife_de.txt (7.09 KB)