Format a HD to Fat32 Windows 7

My laptops which are all I have are Windows 7.  I bought a WD 2TB Harddrive for use with the ATV for Movies and Videos.  I plugged it in and its NTSC (or whatever LOL).  When I right click to format via windows the drop down only has XFat which which is new.  It has no showing of Fat 32.  Does ATV Flash read xFat or is there something I can find to make to Fat32.


PS: I looked up xfat and no previous topics came up.

Its "exFAT"  not xfat.  Format a drive to exFAT and it will work.


We have a guide for reformatting a drive in FAT32 here.

HFS+ and exFAT will work for formating the external USB drive under windows 7.  Not sure if anything else will work.