Forky Ask a Question tv show or movie collection?

I’m not sure how to add Forky Ask a Question so Infuse correctly identifies it. Does anyone know the correct formatting?

It will be on the lines of “Forky Asks a Question - What Is Money 2019.mkv” and is classified as a movie.

You can see what the names and years are here.

Edit to add:

Note that it’s Forky Asks A Question not Forky Ask.

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Thank you! Sticks that now I have to have them add movies instead of a tv series as it used to be with tvdb.

Can you also help me with #cats_the_mewvie (2020)

I’ve added it with and without the hashtag but neither works for me.

There appears to be an alternate spelling of “Cats The Movie” (note movie is spelled correctly not “mewvie”).

You may want to try “Cats the Movie 2020.mkv”

I just tested “Cats the Movie 2020.mkv” and it picked it right up. So that should work. :wink:

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