Forgets settings

My ATV2 don’t remember the settings for sleep I have entered. I have set it to fall asleep after 15 minutes. And it does, once. Then its back to “Never” again.

Why is this? It seams to remember all other options.


I use XMBC most, XBMC turns down after 30 minutes, then the ATV supposed to sleep after 15.


Any idea?

I’m pretty sure XBMC changes this setting as activity within XBMC is not recognized as activity by the Apple TV. So in essence, if your 15 minute sleep setting remained unchanged the Apple TV would go to sleep 15 minutes after opening XBMC, whether you were active or not.

Hope this helps.

I understand that its two different things. 

Doesn’t this work? XBMC shutdown after 30 minutes, down to ATV2, then the ATV2 supposed to sleep after 15, This means that the ATV2 go to sleep after 45 minutes of inactivity?

But the 15-minutes-setting keep changing to “Never”.

In theory that would work, but since XBMC is forcing this setting to change to Never it won’t ever change back to its original setting.

Might be a good feature suggestion for the XBMC guys.