Forget the ATV 3 Jailbreak - Get a Synology NAS!

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If you own a Synology NAS (Diskstation or Rackstation) you are lucky:

Synology released their DSM 4.2 beta which is able to send the movies and audio on the storage to any Apple TV by airplay!

Don’t care about a Jailbreak anymore - just send the stream to your lovely device and that’s it.

Great news, right?

More infosmations here:


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Had my hopes high. Does not work for .mkv. :frowning:

My DS212 and nearly every other Synology NAS is able to play mkv Files without any problems.

I got file not supported error. I restart everything and see if it works. Also the iOS app for video station does not play the file either.

That’s strange. I tested a couple of movies and they all worked fine on my iPhone and my iPad.
My config is: DS212 with DSM 4.1, iPhone 5 and iPad 3 both with iOS 6

Do you mean the DS 4.2 beta? correct?

Yes, the new DSM 4.2 beta is able to stream video to the Apple TV 3 using airplay and the speed of the AFP filesystem was increased by 52%

still no go for me…this is for a .mov and not even .mkv

all very nice suggestions, but how do i send mkv movies with airplay from my NAS to Apple TV?, don’t tell me via a laptop or iphone , the ATV Flash has built in SMB & AFP support which allows you to start movies from the Apple TV directly without e third party app or remote device, more than enough reason to want a ATV Flash & jailbreak…



I’m sure that you still need to have your mkv’s video encoded in x264 and audio in AC3 or AAC, just like sending anything from your iTunes server.



Not if you are using ATV Flash Media Player.   It can quite happily play .avi files and mpeg2 files (as used on DVD’s) directly without any external transcoding required.

indeed, that’s why the jailbreak is so much wanted, than you use ATVFlash it has modified programs and support for almost any video format and use more functionality then Apple wants you too.



Next you are going to explain to me how to get ATV Flash Media Player on an ATV3 right?


I think you missed the point of this thread. If there was a JB available, I’d use XBMC.


I installed the brand new Synology DSM 4.2 firmware on my NAS system yesterday and tested it.

Well, what shall i say? It works perfectly on any Apple TV without any jailbreak!

I used the web application Synology VideoStation, the iPhone app and the iPad app  and they all sent the MKV movies to my Apple TV with perfect video and audio output! All these applications have Airplay support and they stream the videos to the Apple TV 2 or 3. There are no sound or picture interruptions - everything runs very smoothly. So if anybody of you wants an Apple TV 3 and play MKV movies on it just get an Synology NAS with the latest firmware DSM 4.2. You don’t have to wait for the jailbreak which most probably will never arrive on this planet.

I tested yesterday with some 720p movies only. Today i will check out 1080p MKVs in 2D and 3D as well and i will report the result later on in this post.

btw: I’m not a Synology reseller or something, i’m just happy to have such a product! :)


You’re wrong - it works pretty niche with MKV files!



You have to play the MKV through DS Video (iOS or Android App) or the VideoStation web application which is built in the DSM 4.2. As output device you can select your Apple TV which is recognized automatically in your network.


I will have to try it. Is it 4.2 beta or regular 4.2.

It’s no beta anymore - the DSM 4.2 final is out since Monday. :)

Good. I will definitely give it a shot today.  2 questions:


Can you use your iDevice after starting the movie or is it rendered useless?

Did you try the 1080p movies?

Your iDevice is blocked during the Airplay streaming.

No, as i wrote above, i have to test 1080p as well and will report later.

Hey There,

I tried with the latest 4.2, video station, and an MKV file. 


I am getting


“The file format cannot be played.  It is recommended you install a third-party player.  Please refer to the Help file for more information.”


MP4 works awesome