Foreign genre tag

So I am wondering about the ‘Foreign’ genre tag under the Movie Library View. I realize that Infuse fetches its genre tags & other metadata from TMDb, but TMDb does not offer a Foreign genre tag for any of its movies. So how are you supposed to get any movies to show up under Infuse’s Foreign section? I already tried to edit the genre tags for various titles in TMDb, but even if the genre metadata is unlocked (allowing edits) it still won’t let you assign a genre that is not part of their list.

I would really like to be able to assign a ‘Foreign’ tag to all of my spanish movies and various other international films, so if @james or someone else has any suggestions, please share.

If you want to set your own tags for some files, you can do so by creating custom XML files for these videos. This will allow you to customize every aspect of the metadata which Infuse uses.

More info and a sample XML file can be found here. Metadata 101 – Firecore

Do XML files only work for movies & tv shows, but not for home videos & “Other” media.

Also, do I need to turn off metadata fetching for all files in order for XML files to work? Or do I need to set the individual file to local meta?

XML files will work with or without the Metadata Fetching option enabled.

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