Forcing videos into TV Shows?

I have a bunch of old Looney Toons cartoons, which don’t really follow any sort of standard Seasons/Episodes, so they just show up as movies. How can I force Infuse to treat these as TV Shows so they don’t just overwhelm my Movies library? I’ve tried a few different folder structures, to no avail.

Name them something like “Looney Toons S00E00 any text.mkv”

The S00E00 in the name will make Infuse treat it as a TV series rather than a movie.

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A list of the recommended TV show naming styles can be found here.

If this is a series of the original loony tunes cartoons you can find the season and episode numbers on here Looney Tunes -

The file name most likely will be something like “Looney Tunes S2014E01.EXT” for this series of cartoons the season won’t be like others that are 01, 02, 03, etc, the season will be the year and the page I referenced will give you the years.

EDIT TO ADD: Just tried the naming I suggested above and it works fine. Infuse automatically gets the right metadata with art.

This thread may also provide some information Question on Specific Title (Looney Tunes)

Thanks for the help, everyone! I wasn’t expecting to find Looney Tunes-specific advice! Now I need to decide if I care enough to actually organize the cartoons by season! I’ll try these tips out tonight and keep you all posted.