Forced upgrade to infuse pro inside infuse 4?

My main question is simply why was I forced to upgrade to “Pro”?

I have both infuse 4 pro and infuse 5. Today when I tried to play a movie, I was forced to upgrade in order to play it.

I tried both installations of infuse. The only option was to upgrade to play the file.

I now won’t know for another month whether this is an issue I can get around, by what the heck?
Can ANYONE explain what’s going on? Am I the only one with this issue?

It’s really frustrating, I honestly tried to open both to see if it was just me. Restore did nothing. I bought the full infuse back a few years back.

I would have upgraded when this launched if I knew this was going to happen.

Hope that someone can help out here.

Anyone? James? Can someone help answer this?

Not clear to me what you have. It is normal to need the Pro version to play many films because of the audio codec being used. However I am surprised they would not play with v4 Pro! If you mean that you have moved on to version 5 then that is a paid upgrade so you have to pay to have the Pro features - it is not automatic because you had the Pro option in v4.

I had infuse 4 pro and infuse 5 installed on my Apple TV.

When trying to play a file in either of them I was prompted to upgrade to pro.

I tested both out and got the same results.

strange that it would not play in v4 if you have the Pro version? If you go into the inFuse settings on v4 does it show you have the Pro version (I am wondering if that got lost somehow).

I think we have a similar problem. My version 4 pro disappeared and was replaced with 5 basic which won’t play any media without subscribing. BS.

I looked and I still have one that says 4.x Pro, and the other that is certainly 5.

I won’t know until march 17th, but Ian very sure this is an all encompassing issue that I think we are owed an answer to.

To clarify, v4 and v5 are separate apps. If you purchased v4, you can play videos in v4 but that purchase will not transfer to v5.

Infuse Pro is available as an In-App Purchase, or as a standalone paid app. Each is separate, so you will want to ensure you are downloading the same one you originally purchased. Unfortunately we don’t have a way to lookup purchase details, but if you need help determining which you own please send in a copy of your purchase receipt and we can assist.

I know this.

I was forced, in my version 4 app, to upgrade before playing a file. I tried multiple times to open the same file from both apps.

Each time I was told straight out that to play the file I needed a pro subscription.

I had to upgrade when prompted because I had set aside time to watch with my kids. So imagine my frustration when I either had to upgrade or not watch.

Maybe it’s because I had both v4 and v5 on my Apple TV, but regardless it’s screwed everything up.

I’m not sure what to do. I’ve got less than two weeks left on my trial, what happens when I’m stuck here again?

James I need some answers. I can submit a ticket but I don’t know what to expect st this point.

If you purchased Pro under v4, and want to use that you can re-download Infuse 4 through the Purchases tab in the App Store. A bit more info on this can be found here. Redownload apps, music, movies, TV shows, and books - Apple Support

If you want to use v5, then that is a separate download, and unfortunately your v4 purchase will not transfer.

If you read above I made it clear I tried playing the file in infuse 4 and was prompted to upgrade.

I had both installed at the time.

Again, infuse4 prompted me to update to pro in order to play a movie file. I tried switching between 4 and 5 and was presented with the same issue. As soon a second I did the upgrade in 5, 4 then worked.

Is that more clear?

Infuse 4 and 5 don’t interact with each other.

My best guess is there was a delay in the App Store restoring your v4 purchase, and by the time you had installed v5 it had finished.

If you only want to use v4 you will not need to upgrade to v5 or keep it installed.

The day before I was playing videos in 4 just fine.

Whatever happened the day I posted this, no matter whether I used 4 or 5, I was getting the same error. I initially tried to open it in 4 because infuse 5 sat in a folder unused.

So to summarize, I tried playing a video in 4 and was prompted to upgrade to pro.

I tried playing the video in 5 just in hopes that I could watch it.

I received the same error.

I went back to 4 and tried again. No luck. I decided to take the “free trial” because this was something I wanted to watch with my family, and I now have 2 weeks to wait before I can confirm if this is still an issue.

Another person in this thread is reporting the same issue.

So I know you say they don’t interact, but even going in and trying to hit restore did nothing.