Forced Subtitles

Hi, so I’ve a multitude of MKV files within which are subtitles in PGS format. I’ve miticulously set them up in such a way as to set a forced flag, if the subtitle is required in certain parts of a movie, which require them just for a certain scene(s).

I was therefore wondering if it’s possible for Infuse to pick up this flag and use it? Currently if I set subtitles to ‘on’ every movie just has the first subtitle stream selected, therefore I just need to know if I have to set this up on a movie-per-movie basis?


With the main ‘Show Subtitles’ option off, Infuse should actually respect the forced flag on your subtitles and display those as expected.

You can of course also choose a track manually by swiping down during playback.

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Thanks for the reply James I will be sure to investigate and test thouroughly.


I can verify this works correctly. I have subtitles off in Infuse, and then use the Forced flag on non-english subs in my movies and Infuse displays the subtitles. I just make sure I set the subs to Forced and Default when I’m running it through MKVToolNix.


I’ve been a user of MakeMKV and Plex in the past and have found this not to work well. Being new to Infuse and never having used MKVToolNix, I’m curious how well this works and how reliable it is as far as setting the forced flag. Thanks!

I use MakeMKV to rip it from the disk (because I’m way too lazy to spin up a Winders VM and use eac3to and eac3to in wine is meh). MakeMKV doesn’t always pull the subs right if you set it to only pull forced like you’ve seen, so I pull all the English tracks if I know there’s forced subtitles (I always check with subscene), and if there’s no non-english tracks I don’t pull any subtitles. When it’s done, I extract the subtitle I think is the right one to test (using mkvextract - part of MKVToolNix), then if it’s the right one, I use MKVToolNix to remove all the other subtitle tracks except the non-English dialog track and remux into a new mkv.

Thanks for the response! Makes sense. The only part I didn’t understand, and it may just be that I’m not reading it right, is why would you not pull any subtitles if there is no non-english track? Isn’t there still a chance to be forced subtitles in the English tracks? I’m thinking movies like Avatar or Star Wars (And yes, I know they will most definitely have non-english tracks…just using them as an example).

Side note. Just reading your signature and noticed we have almost the same setup with the exception of the year of OLED, I’ve got the C7 (Just bought it) and my Synology is the +916. Nice setup!

I meant if there no non-English dialog parts I don’t pull any subtitles. And yeah, I can’t stand watching anything on a TV not my OLED anymore… trying to keep myself from getting another one is difficult.

Got it. And yeah, I agree :slight_smile: