Forced subtitles with ISO-Playback


i have for a while the new ATV 4k with Infuse…all is perfect. Only two things that i miss:

First: Forced subtitles at ISO-Playback, while foreign language is spoken. With mkv-files its no problem.
Its not good to select the subtitles while playback a movie only for some seconds…and then change back.
Can you fix it?

Second: No Dolby Atmos, i know we have to wait for Apple changes this…

Forced subtitles within .iso or folder is not possible without full BD menu support.
There are several ways to implement forced subtitles and they can’t all easily be identified.
Sometimes it’s a separate track without a forced flag, other times it’s within the normal subtitle track and certain lines have a forced flag.

Okay, so we have to wait for full BD menu support. I hope someday it comes for Infuse…any plans out there?
This will be the best…