Forced Subtitles Turned On When Forced Flag Not Set

This is something I’ve noticed repeatedly over many months but always forgot to post about :slight_smile:

I have subtitle settings set to “Forced Only” so that any subtitles that are absolutely required can default to being turned on when the “Forced” flag is set on that subtitle stream.

However I’ve repeatedly run across videos where the audio is in English, and yet subtitles will appear on certain shots (especially signs, etc) . I’ve checked the files using MediaInfo and found that none of the subtitle streams have the “Forced” flag set.

And then I realised what was happening: whoever encoded the video had added a description for that subtitle stream that includes the word “Forced”.

It appears that Infuse automatically enables any subtitle stream with “Forced” in the description, even when the Forced flag is not set. Ideally, the actual flag should be what triggers forced subtitles, not the word in the description (presumably if the description on a subtitle stream said “we were forced to include this language” that subtitle stream would default to being enabled! :slight_smile:

Just curious, could it be that some of the subs that are showing are hard coded in the video and not really forced?

Have you tried turning subs off completely and see if what you’re seeing still shows?

I had a movie that drove me nuts because it had a couple of hard coded subs and it was different that what the downloaded subs were showing.

The subs are definitely not hard coded / “burned in” - these are actual subtitle streams.

Yes, I can disable subtitles on those files during playback and Infuse remembers that, but ideally it’d be much better if they weren’t displayed at all unless the actual flag for Forced is set (I use the flag myself frequently to make sure foreign-language films default to displaying English subtitles).

With these ones that have “Forced” in the description field, I always end up having to remux the file to remove that text so that Infuse behaves itself :slight_smile: